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Japan Today is the No. 1 English source for Japan-related news online and an integral part of the lives of foreigners living in Japan, travelers and those doing business with and interested in Japan worldwide.


With headlines throughout the day and night, Japan Today provides a broad range of local and international news coverage in English.

Headlines are available to millions of readers across a variety platforms including daily email newsletters, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts as well as podcasts and shared video.

Our readers are engaged and influential — an attractive environment for advertisers.


Japan Today offers effective promotional opportunities for companies that want to reach foreigners in the Japanese marketplace.

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On websites or in print, traditional advertising with digital options gets results.

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Get your product or service directly in front of our readers. We work with clients to craft informative articles online or in print about products for foreign consumers in Japan — tailored specifically to each brand’s audience.

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Twice each day, over 60,000 Japan Today email subscribers receive breaking news and updated headlines in a light, easy-to-browse format designed to be read on all devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones.

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