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Enroll overseas students at your school in Japan.

Our GaijinPot study services eliminate obstacles — such as language barriers and bureaucratic red tape — for language schools, vocational institutes and other education programs in Japan that want to attract international students.

We reduce your administrative and search burdens. You get the right students for your classrooms.

Our academic coordinators will:

  • Promote your school on our media sites 
  • Recommend the best GaijinPot services to find suitable accommodation
  • Advise on how to look for appropriate student visa-specific part-time jobs
  • Streamline the visa process
  • Vet applicants for specific programs


We offer a variety of options for schools to attract and enroll overseas students.


GaijinPot Study coordinators familiar with the study abroad process provide support to schools and students from application to enrollment and visa applications.

School Profiles

Dedicated landing pages for schools in the GaijinPot Study section with background information and online inquiry forms for interested students to apply.
Schools provide their details and media resources — the GaijinPot editorial team handles the rest.

Display Ads

Includes banner ads on GaijinPot, sponsored content, advertorials and other forms of marketing if desired, including video.

Premium Ads

School information is posted on the top page of GaijinPot’s “Japanese Learning” editorial section.

Social Media

We share partner school information via SNS promotions across GaijinPot and GPlusMedia brands (including Japan Today and Savvy Tokyo) to over 2 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — a key promotional tool for clients to reach their desired demographic.


Applicants are educated foreign professionals who want to improve their Japanese proficiency for greater career opportunities in Japan or to pursue higher education.

*(As of April 2021)

Yearly student inquiries
Inquiries from North America
Inquiries from Europe
Inquiries from Japan (foreign residents)


We’ve helped many schools enroll overseas students through the GaijinPot Study program.

Akamonkai Language School
ARC Academy Japanese Language School
Fukuoka Foreign Language College
ICLC Japanese Language Institute
ISI Group
Japanese Communication International School (JCIS)
JCLI Japanese Language School
Kumon Japanese Language Program
Kyoshin Language Academy Kyoto
OLJ Language Academy
Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin
SNG Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

Media Kit

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