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Language & Education

Enroll overseas students at your school in Japan.

Our GaijinPot study services eliminate obstacles — such as language barriers and bureaucratic red tape — for language schools, vocational institutes and other education programs in Japan that want to attract international students.

We reduce your administrative and search burdens. You get the right students for your classrooms.

Our academic coordinators will:

  • Promote your school on our media sites.
  • Vet applicants for specific programs.
  • Streamline the visa process.
  • Secure accommodations for students.
  • Set up part-time employment options.

We received our first student inquiry in September 2013. 

In 2016, we started accepting and processing applications on behalf of partner schools.

To date, we’ve received over 28,000 study inquiries and work with 23 schools across Japan to place students into their growing programs.

Our next inquiry could be enrolled in your academy.