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Japan Real Estate Solutions

We bring together Japan real estate owners with foreign buyers and renters.

GPlusMedia started paving new international roads in Japan’s real estate market in 2006 with the opening of the Real Estate Japan portal site, based on the simple idea of bringing owners together with foreign buyers and renters by presenting listings information in English, and then supporting both sides with top-quality consulting services to help deals get made.

Since then, we have built a wealth of data and expertise, which we are applying to develop new techniques and services that are opening up the Japanese market to foreigners faster than ever before. For example, we ensure that our listings place high in Google searches, because Google is the search engine of choice of people around the world. We apply online ad analysis tools in our Real Estate Listings service for optimal results for customers from large real estate companies to shared housing management firms. We also support real estate customers that hold their own seminars and other events by promoting them to the foreign buyers community and even providing on-site Japanese-English interpreting services.

Whatever our customers need, from access to the Japanese market to reaching new global customer bases, GPlusMedia stands ready to respond with expertise and innovation.

Services 不動産サービス

S Services

Marketing to Foreigners

・Real Estate Listings
We list information on properties for sale and rent in English, giving real estate companies the ability to input much of their information in Japanese, which is automatically translated into English*. Foreign buyers interested in investing in the Japanese market, as well as renters seeking new housing can access a wealth of English-language information in real time. Anonymous data collected from foreign users, such as the number of listings they click and the contents of queries and comments, are used to continuously improve the quality of our listings service.
*Not all information in Japanese can be translated automatically, so some English input might be required.

・Event Promotion to Foreigners
We create special English-language landing pages and promote customers holding real estate seminars and other events in order to draw more foreign participants.

・Banner Advertising
Working closely with customers on their target audience and objectives, our team of bilingual professionals proposes the effective online advertising plans that raise brand and service awareness to the global community.

S Services

Multilingual IT Solutions

・Multilingual Real Estate Information Translation Service
With this service, Japanese-language real estate information registered on Real Estate Japan is automatically translated into English and other languages. Japanese customers link their own portals to Real Estate Japan to ensure that information made available in Japanese is immediately translated and posted in English at Real Estate Japan. Customers of this service no longer need to invest int he building and maintenance of dedicated foreign-language portal sites.
Note: Currently available for Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean

S Services

Multilingual Market Entry Support

・Interpreting and Translation Services
Users of this service can have a member of our highly experienced bilingual team attend open houses, contract signings and other meetings as interpreters to ensure the smooth flow of information and greater understanding by both parties. We also provide interpreting for telephone discussions and translation of emails and other communications..

Japanese real estate companies working with foreign customers for the first time can take advantage of the skills and know-how of our highly experienced professional consultants, who can advise on topics from business planning, to marketing and sales. We also support customers with English-language email proofreading, bilingual glossaries of real estate-related terms and bilingual templates of various real estate-related documents.

Real Estate Japan Access Statistics 不動産サービス

Access by Category in 2015 and Percentage Changes from 2014




Overall Accesses by Location (Inside and Outside Japan)




Access by Country (as of January 2016)


Case Studies 不動産サービス


使用したサービス: – 不動産リスティング広告 – 物件情報の多言語化サービス 「10年以上前から都内を中心に、外国人向けの家具付賃貸物件・留学生寮などを運営管理しております。今に比べると当時は外国人向けの集客サイトは皆無に近い状態でしたが、『Real Estate Japan』は欠かせない集客ツールとして利用してきました。10年以上に渡り、安定した集客サポートをしていただいていることに感謝しています」 外国人特… Read More


使用したサービス: – 不動産リスティング広告 – 外国人市場参入ソリューションサービス – 物件情報の多言語化サービス 「日本国内外の外国人のお客様から問合せが増えるなか、不動産の情報をどのように発信していくか社内で話し合いを重ねていたところ、『Real Estate Japan』の存在を知りました。素早い物件情報の掲載が高い優位性に繋がるので、『物件情報の多言語化サービス』を大いに活用しています。… Read More


使用したサービス: – 不動産リスティング広告 – 集客プロモーション – バナー広告 「(外国人)投資家向けのセミナーをコンスタントに開催していますが、来場者の大半が『Real Estate Japan』から情報を得たお客様です。ターゲットを絞った確実な客層に情報提供をしていただけるので、弊社の外国人顧客数の増加につながっています。セミナー当日も、受付時の案内から個別相談の通訳まですべて一括でお願… Read More

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Q&A 不動産サービス

Real Estate Solutions FAQ

Q1. When will the FAQ be finished?

Yes, we know. We are working on this one, too.


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