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New User Interface for GaijinPot Jobs

If September has you dreaming about autumn foliage, the changing of the leaves and personal resolutions (like putting all those hacks and tips for a mobile-first life into practice as you get back in the flow), then now is the ideal time to update your GaijinPot Jobs profile — or create one if you haven’t registered yet.

It’s not just because the fall season leads into one of the peak hiring times in Japan. It’s also because the brand-new interface for users of the GaijinPot Jobs website is responsive and designed to be used on-the-go.

Search for jobs on your morning commute. Fill out your profile, create or edit multiple resumes and apply for positions on the journey home — all on your phone or tablet. 

What’s new?

The “Step Up System” encourages applicants to fill out their education and employment histories, credentials, certificates and social media information so potential employers get a more comprehensive view of who they are. 

If you haven’t included enough information on your profile, then a series of useful tips will let you know that you have more work to do to fill out your resume. Fill out these details until you receive the “Essentials” badge and you can start applying

You will then be prompted to upgrade your profile with other relevant details to get other badges in a step-up manner. Add badges for “Employer friendly,” “Details” and “Social” so you can be sure that your resume is attractive to prospective recruiters, detailed enough to interest hiring managers and has enough online information to highlight your social media and web-savvy skills.

If you’re already a user, simply visit GaijinPot Jobs to log in, update your resume and show potential new employers the new, improved you. Capitalize on that autumn energy change after a revitalizing summer. If this is your first time — registering is fast and easy. Create your CV in under five minutes and start looking for your next job immediately!

For more information, visit the GaijinPot Jobs site and to keep up to date on the newest offers — sign up to GaijinPot’s Job Mail.

P Press Releases

Kumano Region Named Japan’s No. 1 Travel Destination for 2020

Japan’s spectacular “land of the gods” in Wakayama Prefecture claims the top tourism award in GaijinPot website’s reader poll.   TOKYO — The ancient Kumano region — known as the “land of the gods” — topped the list …
December 17, 2019

P Press Releases

GaijinPot Releases Nominees for Japan’s Top Travel Destinations in 2020

Tokyo-based website publishes annual short list of best places to visit in Japan and asks readers to help with the final decision.   TOKYO — GaijinPot Travel has released its list of nominees of best travel destinat…
November 20, 2019

P Press Releases

Showcase your company at the “Welcome to Japan Forum”

TOKYO — On Nov. 16 at Cirq Event Hall in Shinjuku, over 500 English-speaking job seekers will gather for the annual GaijinPot Job Fair. This year, along with a larger venue, there is an added “Welcome to Japan Forum” — c…
September 3, 2019

P Press Releases

Tottori Prefecture Named Japan’s No. 1 Travel Destination for 2019

Tottori’s adventure tourism a driving force for the honor by a Tokyo-based travel media. Japan-based English-language travel website GaijinPot Travel released its lineup of the best places to travel to in Japan in 2019. …
December 13, 2018

N News

GaijinPot “Education & Teaching Job Fair” in Osaka

Interested in a career in education in Japan? GaijinPot’s first Education & Teaching Job Fair is for you. Meet companies, network and maybe even secure a job offer!   The Purpose of the Fair The job fair will co…
June 21, 2018

P Press Releases

Coming Soon in May! Australia & New Zealand Online Job Fair 2018

The CareerEngine Network is proud to announce the Australia & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Japan Online Job Fair 2018. The Online Job fair will be held commencing the month of May 2018 to the end of June 2018 to a…
April 19, 2018