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Marketing Solutions

Foreign Viewpoints to Effectively Reach Foreigners

GPlusMedia’s marketing solutions are tightly focused on a niche but rapidly growing market: foreigners living in and traveling to Japan. We do this by applying the expertise and resources of our multicultural team of planners, creatives, writers, editors and producers from 18 countries around the world.

To effectively reach the foreign audience in Japan, we help our travel, tourism and other B-to-C clients find the contents they already have, including the sightseeing spots, restaurants, hotels, souvenirs and activities that foreigners are most likely to find interesting. The results sometimes surprise our clients, who are more familiar with Japanese preferences.

Our unique methodology has helped us build significant fan bases for private sector companies selling goods and services, as well as municipalities seeking to energize their communities by attracting more foreign visitors.

GPlusMedia also proposes the right media mix, from ad campaigns on our market-leading websites, to original campaigns, websites, social media accounts, videos and brochures. Proposals are based on analyses of social media trends, and on surveys and other research performed in-house using our massive user database.

GPlusMedia’s GaijinPot and Japan Today websites alone draw a total of more than 1.5 million unique users per month, making them powerful tools for marketers targeting foreigners in Japan. What’s more, we monitor the progress of every campaign to make sure it provides value to the customer.

Services インバウンド集客

S Services

Marketing Promotions and Campaigns

GPlusMedia supports the marketing activities of customers in a wide range of industries in Japan by analyzing the target audience, understanding their preferences and behavioral patterns, and proposing the most effective promotions and campaigns to achieve visible business results.

From visual display ads on our websites, to blog campaigns drawing on our network of writers living throughout Japan, we plan the right marketing activities for each client’s particular needs.

We also offer a range of research and events-related services drawing on our data resources and in-house creative talents.

  • Market research: Customers access our expansive user database of English speakers in Japan and people around the world interested in Japan to test new product and service ideas, gather opinions and understand trends in Japan’s growing foreigners market. We help these customers by fine tuning their existing surveys and planning surveys in-house based on customer output requirements. We also generate original reports analyzing the newest trends among foreigners in Japan.
  • Events: We help customers attract foreigners to their events in Japan, and we also plan events from the drawing board in line with customer requirements. We handle all aspects of events, including advance promotion, inviting attendees, managing responses, providing interpreters and supporting operations on site.
S Services

GPlus Creative Solutions

This business centers on providing our customers with highly effective marketing solutions services, as well as online, video and print production services targeting foreigners in Japan. Drawing on our experience producing some of the best English-language Japan information websites, we provide everything from turnkey solutions to specific components, such as:

  • Advertising/Branding: Our creative capabilities in this area cover banners, print ads, advertorials and online campaigns for any genre and industry.
  • Writing: GPlusMedia editorial group members research topics, conduct interviews and pen stories for finalizing by our expert editors.
  • Video: Professional video planners, directors and editors create videos for a range of uses and an eye on the preferences of foreign viewers.
    Videos produced by GPlusMedia can be viewed online here.
  • Photography: Our imaging team take the optimal photographs for any communications media

If you require a creative solution not listed here, and you want to reach out to foreigners in Japan, contact us so we can study how we can help.


Samples of recent Customer Promotions by GPlusMedia


  • Banner ad at Japan Today: Promoting your brand or campaign on the most-visited English-language news site in Japan


  • Advertorial: Our creative and editorial teams convey messages that need more than just a banner


  • Writing: Professional content crafted to please the most demanding English-language readers


  • Japan Today newsletter ad: Reaching more than 200,000 registered subscribers


  • GPlusMedia social media promotion: With more than 1.5 million Likes on Facebook, our social media accounts are a powerful marketing tool

Media インバウンド集客

M Media

Japan Today

Top-Ranked Site for Japan-centric News, People and Topics

Monthly page views: 3,700,000 (As of March 2019)
Monthly unique users: 1,100,000 (As of March 2019)

Facebook Page
Likes: 1,410,000



Nationalities of Users Living in Japan



Access by Country




Access by Age Group



Users by Gender


M Media


Information on Jobs, Real Estate, Travel, People, Places and Things to Do in Japan

Monthly page views: 3,500,000 (As March 2019)
Monthly unique users: 620,000 (As March 2019)

Facebook Page
Likes: 610,000



Nationalities of Users Living in Japan




Access by Country




Access by Age Group



Male and Female Users


M Media

Savvy Tokyo

Japan Lifestyle Information by Foreign Women, for Foreign Women

Monthly page views: 360,000 (As of March 2019)
Monthly unique users: 230,000 (As of March 2019)


Case Studies インバウンド集客


ディスプレイ広告 記事広告・タイアップ記事広告 動画プロモーション SNSプロモーション 他   訪日外国人誘致のためのプロモーション 鳥取県では、外国人観光客誘致の政策を積極的に行っており、弊社のサービスを幅広く活用していただきました。弊社の外国人ライターが現地で取材を行い、様々な観光体験を通して記事や動画など制作。その他メディアとのコラボイベントを行い、直接外国人が鳥取の魅力に直接触れる機会を提供しました。結果が数字で現れ… Read More



多言語冊子制作(英語・繁体字・簡体字・ハングル) 今回のインタビューは・・・ 一般社団法人めぐろ観光まちづくり協会 役職:事務局長 担当者:伊野 和秀 事業内容を教えてください。 目黒区の地域特性を活かした観光振興活動を行っている「めぐろ観光まちづくり協会」は、2009年に任意団体として設立されました。私は以前、目黒区の職員をしておりましたので、そのご縁で協会の仕事を始めました。現在、協会は毎年多くの花見客で賑わう目黒川の「さくらフェス… Read More


高級賃貸物件の入居者募集プロモーション フィットネスなどの住居者限定特典を多数兼ね備え、都会の新しいライフスタイルを提案している高級賃貸物件・MORI LIVING。 弊社の外国人チームがMORI LIVINGや周辺地域在住者を取材し、記事広告作成・情報発信する入居者募集プロモーションを展開しました。 さらにプロモーションの一環として、入居を希望している外国人向けにネットワーキングパーティーを主催。この相乗効果により、月平均契約数の約3… Read More

ドミノ・ピザ ジャパン 

英語注文サイトへの集客プロモーション オンラインによる英語注文サイトへの誘導と外国人ユーザー層にむけたクーポン配布を行いました。特に、年に数回実施しているバナー広告は外国人ユーザーの認知につながり、2015年の春・秋キャンペーンでは通常期間の売上の27%アップに貢献しました。 他にも、在日外国人に対するブランド認知度やユーザー動向を知るための市場調査を行い、東京在住の欧米人200人のサンプルデータを提供。商品開発やマーケティング戦略に活… Read More

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