Brands - GPlusMedia


We’ve been helping foreigners living in Japan for over 20 years.

We launched GaijinPot — the first English-language website providing lifestyle information to foreign residents living in Japan — in 1999.

In 2001, we officially became GPlusMedia to offer our users GaijinPot plus other services missing in the marketplace for them.

As GPlusMedia, we acquired Japan Today, which has grown to become one of the most widely read English news sites in the country.

Today, we own and operate four market-leading online media brands. In addition to GaijinPot and Japan Today, we also run CareerEngine, Real Estate Japan and Savvy Tokyo.


Japan’s largest employment, lifestyle and information site for foreigners living, working and traveling in Japan.

Monthly page views: 3,500,000 Monthly unique users: 620,000
Client services: Advertising and promotions related to employment and recruiting, teaching English, studying Japanese, travel, events as well as specialized products and services available in Japan.


Japan’s leading online multilingual employment and recruiting service.

Registered users: 470,000 Searchable resumes: 210,000
Audience: Users seeking employment in international environments in Japan. Client services: Job postings and recruiting of multilingual employees in Japan.

Japan Today

Japan’s most read English-language news site.

Monthly page views: 3,700,000 Monthly unique users: 1,100,000
Audience: Foreigners in Japan and overseas, as well as English-speaking Japanese users interested in Japanese current events. Client services: Advertising and promotions for events, companies, products and services in Japan. 

Savvy Tokyo

Lifestyle news and information for foreign women in Tokyo.

Monthly page views: 360,000 Monthly unique users: 230,000
Audience: Foreign women living and working primarily in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Services: Advertising and promotions for events, companies, products and services targeted to women and families in Japan.

Real Estate Japan

Find your dream home or search for investment opportunities in Japan.

Monthly page views: 1,600,000 Monthly unique users: 238,000
Audience: Real estate companies who want to attract foreign residents, investors and home buyers. Services: Property listings and multilingualization of Japanese real estate information for foreigners inside and outside Japan.