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GPlusMedia provides tightly focused, proven effective marketing communications solutions for companies seeking to reach the foreign community in Japan, visitors to Japan, people around the world interested in Japan and English-speaking Japanese people with global points of view. We do this by leveraging our stable of market-leading online media and applying the talents of our international team of planning, sales, editorial and creative professionals to develop tailor-made campaigns targeting our audiences.

We launched in 1999 with the goal of creating a new English-language information source for our core target group at the time: people living and working in Japan. The website was developed by foreigners in Japan, for foreigners in Japan, and it quickly drew a large and diverse following.

We continued to develop our media operations and marketing capabilities in tune with the rapidly changing Japanese market in the 2000s. As the popularity of our media grew, we also earned the attention of a growing number of Japanese companies keen to reach the international community.

Today, we own and operate seven unique online media brands. In addition to GaijinPot, we manage a Japan-centric news site that consistently outperforms the competition, job sites that wrote the book on recruiting foreigners in Japan, an English-language real estate information portal available in Chinese, as well as English, and a site produced specifically to provide topical Japan information to foreign women. What’s more, we have applied the expertise gained through owned media management to develop marketing campaigns covering the full range of media available today, from our own and client websites, to popular social networks, to video and printed publications.

In 2015, GPlusMedia joined the Fujiasankei group, one of Japan’s largest media groups, an affirmation of the core values that have always charted our course, allowing us to provide unequaled marketing solutions for our Japanese and global clients.

Company Data

Name: GPlusMedia Inc. (member of the Fujisankei Group)
Established: May 2001 (founded in 1999)
Address: Higashi-Azabu IS Bldg. 4F, 1-8-1 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0044
President: Tadashi Tokizawa
General manager: Kieron Cashell
Founders and members of the board: Erik Gain and Peter Wilson
Shareholder: GPlusMedia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuji Media Lab LLC


  • Production and management of websites providing Japan and related news and lifestyle information to foreigners
  • Advertising and promotions using the company’s websites and other owned media
    • Planning, development, sales and maintenance of multilingual marketing solutions
    • Employment and recruiting information services
    • Real estate information services
  • Personnel recruiting
  • Planning and production of magazines, brochures and other printed publications
  • Planning production and management of seminars and other events
  • Planning, production and sales of cloud services, mobile apps, videos and other contents
  • Planning, production and implementation of social media promotions and campaigns
  • Other products, solutions and services related to the above



  • 1999
    GaijinPot launches as Japan’s first English-language web portal with information for foreigners in Japan
  • 2001
    GPlusMedia is established
  • 2004
    GPlusMedia starts operations of the first official recruiting website of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)
  • 2006
    Real Estate Japan debuts as a multilingual information site with information on real estate properties for sale and rent in Japan
  • 2007
    GPlusMedia acquires English-language website Japan Today (online since 2000)
  • 2009
    ACCJ recruiting website is re-launched as CareerEngine, a new GPlusMedia website
  • 2010
    CareerEngine Shanghai office opens in China
  • 2013
    Savvy Tokyo opens as a lifestyle information website for foreign women living in Japan
  • 2015
    GPlusMedia is acquired by Fuji Media Lab LLC, becomes a member of the Fujisankei Group
  • 2016
    First issue of In Tokyo English-language free magazine is published

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