GPlusMedia acquires 'advanced' rating at first annual D&I Awards 2021 - GPlusMedia

GPlusMedia acquires ‘advanced’ rating at first annual D&I Awards 2021

Our company is among a group of leading international organizations in Japan advancing the concept of diversity and inclusion (D&I).

TOKYO — GPlusMedia — and its brands CareerEngine, GaijinPot, Japan Today, Real Estate Japan and Savvy Tokyo — is honored to be listed as an “Advanced” company at the first ever D&I Award 2021 (Japanese). The D&I Award was set up to evaluate Japanese companies that are leading the charge to promote diversity and inclusion in their workplaces.

As a listed “Advanced company,” GPlusMedia is recognized as a company promoting diversity and inclusion in Japanese society as a whole through the three objectives as defined by the D&I Awards:

  • Supporting companies working on D&I
  • Improving the reception of D&I initiatives in Japan
  • Promoting D&I as benefit to the working environment of all companies

The award is set up by JobRainbow (Japanese), a leading LGBTQ job discovery platform based in Shibuya, Tokyo that allows users to view LGBT-friendly companies along with ratings,  reviews and job listings. 

Recipients of 2021 D&I Awards pose with their certificates. Courtesy JobRainbow.

GPlusMedia has been focused on providing English-language information on living in Japan, Japanese jobs, news, real estate, study and more to a domestic and international audience for over 25 years.

In its over 2 1/2 decades based in Tokyo, GPlusMedia has welcomed employees from more than 10 countries around the world, such as Australia, Canada, China, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Sweden, U.K. and the U.S. 

GPlusMedia employees have always been hired as the best people for the job — period. Our company has created a work environment that recognizes and respects the differences and diversity of all individuals regardless of their age, gender, nationality or religion. 

It is sometimes difficult for people from diverse backgrounds to work together in one organization, but GPlusMedia believes it is more important for human resources to play an active role in solving cultural problems and consistently promoting diversity within the company. 

We feel that being inclusive enriches our ideas and leads to greater value creation for us — and our clients.

One of GPlusMedia’s core tenets is to build an international Japan. This means not only presenting up-to-date information about life in Japan to the world, but also reconsidering Japan from the perspective of foreigners who value diversity and inclusion. 

We believe it is important for GPlusMedia to take the initiative and show — through our own actions and policies — that Japanese companies can lead the way in becoming models of diversity.

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