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Customer’s Voice: SNG (Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute)

Please introduce yourself? (Your name, department, position, what you do, etc.)

Hello, I am Maeva, I’m French. I have been working at the admissions department of Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute since April.

I am in charge of applicants from Europe, US, Canada, Latin America and French-speaking African countries.

We would like to hear about your school… (School facilities, the number of students, school environment, etc)

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute was founded in 1975 and is located in Takadanobaba, the famous student neighborhood in the heart of Tokyo. It is a very young and lively area near Waseda university.

Among the perks of SNG we can count the university preparatory course accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education, the authorization by the Ministry of Justice to apply for Certificates of Eligibility all year, the accreditation by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the certification by the association for the promotion of the Japanese Language Education, and that the school is recognised as an educational foundation.

We normally welcome over 600 students from 55 countries.

We use an original teaching style called the Ezoe method. It is based on cards, gestures and visual aids. The cards represent the parts of speech and that we can arrange and rearrange like Lego to create grammatically correct sentences.

How did you hear about GaijinPot Study?

We heard about GaijinPot through students.

They were praising the interesting blog articles as well as the efficient job board.

What made you choose us?

We chose GaijinPot because we wanted to work with an agency focusing on the European and North American countries and GaijinPot’s good reputation helped.

Besides, the GaijinPot job board and other related websites participate in GaijinPot popularity for people already living in Japan which brings us another profile of students, who do not need a student visa to enroll in our courses.

Please provide feedback regarding the effectiveness of using our services.

We appreciate the responsiveness of GaijinPot study’s agents. They promptly reply to our questions and diligently follow up with the students when there is a missing document or when we need more information about an applicant’s background.

They always provide us with good students. We know that we can trust their selection when they introduce someone to us.

As for the areas to improve, there is nothing much to say, we are absolutely satisfied by your service. If there was something to say it would be that we always want more students!

Tell us about your future plans or any difficulties you may have now.

We sincerely hope that the global situation will improve soon so border restrictions will be lifted and students will be able to come safely to Japan.

There are many students who have received their COE but who are still waiting abroad. They had to delay their projects and are very concerned about when they will be able to start their studies.

In this regard, we would like to enhance the promotion of our online classes for students stuck abroad.

We are also consistently working on the creation of new online content to help students stay motivated, keep learning Japanese and try to decrease the frustration of being delayed in their studies.