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What Does Living Mean to You?

Luxury residential developer Mori Living wanted to know for a promotion designed with GPlusMedia to attract new tenants for its unique, upscale properties in Tokyo.

Mori Living, a luxury rental property, offers a new urban lifestyle that offers a multitude of exclusive privileges to its residents, including modern fitness centers and other amenities designed to help you live a comfortable life.

Our team interviewed current residents of Mori Living properties and developed a promotion to solicit new renters to move in by writing sponsored articles specifically targeted to readers of two of our GPlusMedia websites: Japan Today and Savvy Tokyo. Together with the articles crafted by experienced lifestyle journalists, our marketing and production team designed a series of banner advertisements to display on the sites directing readers to more information about the apartments available to let.

To coincide with this promotion, the GPlusMedia marketing team organized a networking party for foreigners interested in moving into the building. This synergistic approach resulted in a roughly 30% increase in the number of average monthly rental agreements for the period.

Services used:

  • Japan Today and Savvy Tokyo websites
  • Advertorials, banner ads, promotional event, sponsored articles


  • 30% increase in monthly rental agreements for the period